Milan Design Week Top Picks

Milan Design Week Top Picks

Milan Design Week 2016 is back and promises to showcase some of the most innovative concepts and design solutions. With so much to see across the city, we have highlighted our top picks from our visit.


ECAL – When Objects Dream

Interaction Design students from the Swiss University ECAL are presenting a novel collection of humorous objects that questions everyday familiar objects by imagining a world where the objects have their own dreams and aspirations.


Design Academy Eindhoven Graduates – Envisions

In response to consumerism and mass production, Design Academy Eindhoven, presents a collection of ‘unfinished’ samples that reveal the unseen steps undertaken during the design process. Resulting in a colorful array of texture and form that one designer calls ‘an archive of ideas’ Iwan Pol.

Image Credit Ronald Smits


Dirty Art Department – The Wandering School

The Wandering School is an interactive event set up by students from Amsterdam’s Dirty Art Department which, will be hosted in Macao. A living experimentation that is inspired by pop up schools that go against the grain of education. The Wandering School offers a place to sleep and dream, reflect and rave - beds can be booked here.

Image Credit Delfino Sisto Legnani Studio


Atelier Biagetti – No Sex

Lets talk about sex. Atelier Biagetti presents his latest work a pleasure house meets wellbeing clinic. Combining sensual materials, clinical surroundings with pink undertones, to stimulate visitors and to re-establish the individual’s inner equilibrium regarding sex.

Image Credit Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti


COS x Sou Fujimoto – Forest of Light

This year the fashion brand COS have teamed up with Sou Fujimoto to craft a sensory, immaterial installation that utilizes only light to create a spatial experience that is not partition by physical objects but the transient movement of light.

 COS X Sou Fujimoto