Supports / Surfaces is the fourth season showcase currently taking place at the SEE••DS Gallery, London. Part gallery space - “SEE”, part design store - “DS”, it presents a curated view of contemporary works from a range of primarily European designers.

Studio Vedèt curated the space using subtle colours and aesthetics throughout. With existing structural features remaining, reflecting the past uses of the space as a florist and butchers, the gallery itself compliments the innovative, yet functional pieces exhibited. All the work sits on plinths created by French designer François Dumas in collaboration with ALPI, a company that focuses on the production of decorative surfaces in reconstituted wood veneer.

Some of our highlights:


Odd Matter Studio

Odd Matter, an Amsterdam based studio, introduce an innovative new surface. Consisting of cork granules set in alpha crystalline gypsum, the aesthetic reflects that of a terrazzo tile. The resulting sculptural and natural textures are used as shelving and tables.


Studio OS & OOS

Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, both graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven, set up OS & OOS in 2011. Their work blurs the line between design, in the industrial and functional sense, and autonomous objects. A number of their pieces are featured including the Arc Stool, made from Hi-Macs - a material blend of 75% natural minerals and pigments set in an acrylic matrix. This offers the natural properties of stone but it can be molded and bent into simple and slender arc shapes. Also exhibited is the Synzgy Eclipse & Occulation, a light created using concrete, glass and light filtering foil (pictured below).


Olivier van Herpt

Since 2014, fellow Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Olivier van Herpt, has been exploring 3D printed ceramics creating works that combine craft, design and technology. The manufactured objects demonstrate how van Herpt reintroduces humanity into the man-made machine processes of 3D rendering. This is achieved through material exploration, partnered with digital fabrication, thus giving the illusion of vases seemingly created by individual artisans. His work sits in the light filled space with pieces by OUEFFICE and Giovanni de Francesco, both collaborating with Italian stone manufacturer Casone.


Studio Furthermore

Studio Furthermore presents Tektites, a collection of ceramic pieces that investigate the use of ceramic foams. Typically used within space travel applications, ceramic foams have been used to mount mirrors onto telescopes and has also aided NASA's space shuttles to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. Imitating ceramic foam production, by developing a process that yielded a craft scaled polymer replica, provided the Studio with a medium to create decorative porcelain forms. Also on display is their never seen before Stellar light collection.



The exhibition remains open until the 20th May 2017.